Tom Gimbel Lasalle Network expert on hiring team


Finding the perfect candidate goes far beyond matching a resume to a job description. The people are the brand, and organizations have to look at more than just a candidate’s hard skills to determine if they’re the right fit.

Tom Gimbel believes in hiring for personality and culture fit. He believes that hard skills can be taught, but these two characteristics are harder to develop. He looks for candidates who are smart, nice, hard-working, and easy to manage. Because at the end of the day, he believes you have to genuinely like the people you work with.

  • Tom asks “unconventional” interview questions to gauge candidates’ personalities and how they respond in unexpected situations.

  • LaSalle’s internal candidates interview with 4-5 employees, ranging from staff level to the C-Suite, to make sure they’ll fit with the company’s culture.

  • LaSalle Network receives 200-300 applications for every open position.

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