expert on company culture Tom Gimbel's team

Company Culture

Forget the foosball tables and unlimited vacation time; Tom Gimbel believes it’s about treating people well and investing in their personal and professional development. Not only has Tom developed a dynamic culture within his own organization, he’s also advised hundreds of other companies on how they can do the same.

To date, LaSalle Network has received more than 50 culture and revenue-based awards, including multiple “Best Places to Work” awards from the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, Staffing Industry Analysts, and was named the “Overall Winner” among the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in Chicago. No other Chicago company is this decorated for its culture.

  • Company culture is an ever-changing recipe. Tom can explain why the ingredients need to be varied, and how to do so.

  • Hiring goes beyond the extent of someone’s hard skills; it’s important to gauge soft skills and hire for culture fit.

  • Building the right company culture requires a lot of nurturing, protection and time.

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